Why Ardmore Homeowners Should Replace Their AC In The Fall

Why Ardmore homeowners should replace their AC unit in the fall

Why Ardmore Homeowners Should Replace Their AC In The FallWhen your AC unit breaks down on a 95 degree day in August, are you more likely to drown in a rising pool of your own sweat researching the best HVAC systems online, or to run to the closest big box store to panic-purchase one of the few air conditioning units left at the back of the sale shelf? If you live in a heatwave-prone, high-humidity area like Ardmore, PA, it’s probably the latter. 

Well, we’re going to let you in on a little industry secret: Summertime is actually the worst time to replace your AC unit. It’s too hot out to risk surviving even a few hours without AC, especially when your clothes are already drenched in smelly armpit tears, and it’s near impossible to get a good deal on a great unit once the season is in full swing. 

The best time to have your air conditioner installed, friends, is fall. We know what you’re thinking, “Fall?! I don’t need my AC in the fall!” But there is a method to this leaf-themed madness — and below we outline all the reasons why fall is the hottest season to cool things off.

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Four reasons to have your air conditioner installed in the fall.

Heat Pump Installation In Broomall, PA - John Cipollone, IncNo rush: Big purchases — especially those intended to last you a decade, like a new AC unit — require time and research. So instead of running, panic-stricken, to replace a broken down unit in the dead of summer, start your search before there is a potential problem. In the fall, AC unit options are new and plentiful, prices are lower in the off-season, service providers are readily available to answer your questions, and you have all the time in the world to make the best decision for your home and your wallet.

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Better options for your home and the environment: Every year, technology gets us a little closer to living like the Jetsons. To get the most advanced, energy efficient AC unit possible, it’s best to wait until brands put out their new, updated line of products — which is after the current summer season. This is the smartest way to ensure you’re getting the most modern system with the latest in energy efficiency technology, which in turn keeps your house cooler and saves you money.

Faster service: Ever try hailing a taxi when it’s pouring rain? Get in line, buddy. So is everyone else. The same thing goes for getting immediate service from your HVAC provider during the hottest days of summer. But if you wait to get your air conditioning unit installed in the fall, you’ll avoid long lines and wait times, get faster service and more in-depth attention from AC pros who aren’t up-to-their-ears in urgent service requests.

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Ready for summer: Perhaps the best reason to buy a new AC unit in the fall is that you’ll be starting the summer with a brand new system, free of any issues caused by wear, tear or age. Plus, you’ll have the time to test it out long before the hurricane of heat hits, potentially avoiding heat-induced spousal spats and teenagers who permanently melt into the living room furniture.

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