Replacing An HVAC System In Merion Station, PA

Replacing An HVAC system In Merion Station, PA

Replacing An HVAC System In Merion Station, PAThe new homeowners of this great stone home in Merion Station, PA knew that the HVAC system was 20+ years old and likely needed updating at some point. After their first winter in their home, they noticed that the breakfast room, front bedroom and mudroom always seemed cold and drafty. Turning up the heat and opening and closing vents didn’t seem to make the problem any better. Then, during their first summer, they found that the AC system had a leak and was out of freon, so replacing their whole home HVAC system was no longer a “wait and see”, but an immediate issue.

Like with any major expense, the homeowners called several different contractors to come out and make recommendations for what needed to be done.  When the homeowners called us at John Cipollone, our expert team knew right away that while the system needed to be replaced, in order to really solve the uneven heating and cooling problems, the ductwork needed to be adjusted to help the air flow more evenly throughout the home.

While most contractors concentrated on different brands and different sizes of systems, we concentrated on what needed to be done to solve the whole problem- and give the homeowners the comfort they wanted.  In the end, listening to what they wanted and giving them an approach that would meet their needs won their trust.  

Getting to the Bottom of the Problem- Ductwork and Airflow

Adjusting The Ductwork Helped The Flow Of Air Through The HomeWhile a new system would definitely help keep the family more comfortable, to make sure the heating and cooling was even throughout the home would require some adjustments to the current ductwork in the home.

At John Cipollone, we often see problems like this one in older homes in the area.  Ductwork and runs were installed, often with sharp turns that actually end up impeding air flow. While some people might choose just to add more power to the system to force more air, correcting the ductwork and making the airflow more efficient will help the whole system run better and use less energy.

By making some straightforward changes to the existing ductwork and adjustments when installing the new system, we were able to increase the flow of air throughout the home.  We also added dampers to the system, which can be adjusted to help balance out the air flow and comfort throughout the home. We also labeled all the duct runs, so it’s easy to know where to adjust the dampers to get the comfort they need- something simple that pays off in the long run!

New System, New benefits

This Smart Thermostat Is Going To Improve Comfort And Save EnergyThe homeowners chose a new Carrier high-efficiency multistage system that will be able to add the heating and cooling the family needs on demand, rather than just simply being “on” or “off”,  In addition, we installed a new Ecobee smart thermostat with room sensors. The smart sensors that can sense when a room is occupied can make adjustments to your home comfort system and save you up to 26% on your annual heating and cooling bills. You can control the system from a smart phone app, Alexa, Apple Home, or even from your Apple Watch! Ecobee can:

  •  Automatically turn down your temperature when nobody is home;
  • Learn your routine and recommend changes to your thermostat schedule for optimal energy savings;
  • Automatically heat or cool your home when electricity is more affordable and cleaner;
  • Reduces strain on the electricity grid and provide you with incentives from your energy provider.

Ecobee has other helpful features and can even be used as a security system, so our homeowners were excited to have these options available to them as well.

The new sensors, placed in the problem areas of the home and adjusting the ductwork and dampers has made a big difference and keeps the bedroom and other problem areas comfortable, day and night!

Do you have rooms that are too hot or too cold?

If you have areas in your home that are too hot or too cold, it’s worth giving us a call here at John Cipollone to see what can be done to make your system work more efficiently.  Small fixes like adjusting ductwork and adding a smart thermostat can help you get more comfortable and save money on your energy bills. And if you do need a new system, we are here to help make sure you get the system you need to keep your whole home comfortable every day of the year, while keeping your energy bills down!

Just give us a call and see what a smart Ecobee thermostat and its sensors can do to help your system give you the comfort you crave!

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