Carrier Air Conditioning And Aprilaire Humidification Solutions In Haverford, PA

Carrier Air Conditioning and Aprilaire Humidification Solutions In Haverford, PA

Keeping your home comfortable during the hottest or coldest times of the year can be a challenge. Sometimes one room isn’t as comfortable as the others, or maybe a whole floor doesn’t seem to be the same temperature as the rest of the house. That was the case for a master bedroom in the Haverford, PA Cape Cod style home. A new air conditioning system was needed, because the room just wasn’t staying cool, and it was evident during a heat wave in August. With a new Carrier air conditioner and an Aprilaire humidifier, we made sure this room was going to be a nice place to sleep.Check Out Our Carrier Air Conditoners

Poor ductwork hurt the flow of the air from the system to the home.The owner knew there was an issue in the master bedroom, and gave us a call to check it out. It was evident that this room wasn’t being properly cooled, so we looked out their current situation to see what could be causing this issue. We noticed that the ductwork was causing a loss in velocity of the air being pushed through the vents to the bedroom. We noticed that air velocity was being lost to 90-degree turns (as you can see in the picture on the right) and bad transition ductwork from the air outlet of the heating and cooling system to the duct system. We decided to alter the ductwork to improve the airflow. Our custom metal was made to fit perfectly on the air outlet side of the HVAC system, replaced the 90-degree turn (which kills airflow) with a 45-degree turn, and transition down to the usable original duct work.
The new ductwork allows easier air flow from the system to the homeThe homeowner also wanted a new heating and cooling system. Since we were fixing the comfort issues, they decided they wanted to have this completely taken care of for years to come. We installed a brand new Carrier Infinity heating and cooling system. Carrier Infinity systems are top of the line and specialize in energy efficiency. Most people associate the cost of their HVAC system with the price tag to install it. They don’t account for the energy it’s going to use over the 10+ year lifespan it has. If your system isn’t efficient, it’s going to cost you a fortune in energy bills over the years. Carrier Infinity systems make sure these bills don’t go through the roof, and also make less on an impact on the environment.Check Out Our Carrier Heating Solutions

Additionally, we installed an Aprilaire steam humidification system. Upon speaking with the homeowner further, we discovered that there was a huge need for humidification and dehumidification in the house. The recently renovated hardwood floors would warp from the humidity in the summer, and dry out in the cold temperatures of winter. The Carrier Infinity system helped us achieve the dehumidification aspect, and the Aprilaire steam humidifier helps with the dire dry winter conditions. The home with too big (3,800 square ft) to do with 1 or 2 by-pass humidifiers. Thus, we installed an Aprilaire steam humidification system on the existing main house HVAC system and a fan powered assisted Aprilaire humidification system on the master bedroom system.

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We also installed an Aprilaire whole house filtration system to help relieve seasonal allergies and eliminate dust throughout the home. The homeowner indicated that they had to dust a lot. This system helps clear up this dust and allows for the healthiest air inside the home. Everyone spends the majority of their time indoors, and particularly in their homes. making sure the air you breath is as clean as possible will help with health issues, especially for small children, the elderly, and anyone that may have allergies or breathing issues.

The Aprilaire system with keep the humidity levels in check all year long

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Because the homeowners were installing new energy efficient equipment, they qualified for a $1000 rebate! There are rebate programs in place to help with the cost of one of these new energy efficient systems. The government wants homeowners to become more energy efficient and uses the programs to encourage people to go that route. The homeowners also decided to finance the system, so they won’t have to pay the full cost up front, but make easy monthly payments instead.
Now that this homeowner has a new heating and cooling system, a humidifier, and a dehumidifier, their Haverford, PA home is going to feel perfectly comfortable no matter what time of year it is.

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