Do Heat Pumps Need Annual Maintenance?

Do Heat Pumps Need Annual Maintenance?

Do Heat Pumps Need Annual Maintenance?Here at John Cipollone, Inc., homeowners frequently ask us if heat pumps require annual maintenance. It is an understandable question. You may say to yourself that you have more important or more immediate things to spend your money on. And if it isn’t broken – don’t fix it! 

But the reality is that annual maintenance of your heat pump is not only important – but it is a good investment in one of your household’s major systems. You wouldn’t drive your car for years without a regular oil change, right? So why would you do that with your heat pump?

I have been installing and servicing heat pumps around Havertown for 20+ years, and know how important it is to have a yearly service. It helps keep the system from breaking down early, and helps maintain energy efficiency.

Why Do Heat Pumps Need Maintenance?

Your heat pump needs annual maintenance for a number of reasons. Because your heat pump is operating year round providing both heating and cooling, problems can occur. As your system ages, the wear and tear of everyday operation can create system malfunctions and breakdowns unless they are recognized early and headed off.

Over time, your system’s component parts are susceptible to fatigue and the normal wear and tear that any machine has. So regular, proper maintenance is important for heading off problems related to wear and tear, strain and obstructions. It also helps keep your system running efficiently, using as little energy as possible.

Annual Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

It is important to service your heat pump at least once a year regardless of any obvious problems. Doing so will help to keep your heat pump running well, avoiding repairs, and using the least amount of energy possible!

An annual inspection should include the following checks and services:

  • Thermostat check
  • Air filter check and replacement
  • Refrigerant levels check
  • Belts, fans, and blower check and lubricants
  • Electric terminal, compressor diagnostics
  • Duct efficiency and duct leakage checks

Benefits of Heat Pump Yearly Maintenance

Should I Get A Furnace And AC Tune Up At The Same Time?Yearly maintenance will help your heat pump provide better comfort, lower your energy use, and energy bills, and also lengthen the lifespan of your system. Regular service also helps keep your warranty valid.

In short – a yearly maintenance can extend the life of your system, maintain your system warranty, and prove to be an energy saver. All of which saves you money!

Better Heating and Cooling

When you have your heat pump serviced, the technician will make sure that the heating and cooling is working as well as it should be. When your system isn’t serviced for a while, things could begin to work less smoothly and cause issues that prevent proper comfort.

Lower Electric Bills

Regular service will help your system run more efficiently. This means that you will use less energy in the process of heating or cooling your home. Less energy used means lower energy bills.

Longer Lifespan

Regular tune-ups have been shown to extend the life of your system and maximize your comfort year-round. A heat pump should last for 15+ years, but without proper service, you’ll be lucky to get 10.

Valid Warranty

Manufacturers provide equipment warranties at the time of purchase. Labor warranties may be available through your service provider.

Regular maintenance or tune-ups are an important part of maintaining a valid warranty. Without a valid warranty, the cost of replacement parts or equipment can be an unwanted expense. 

Average Heat Pump Maintenance Cost Per Year

The average cost for a tune up service call is between $100 and $350. That does not include parts or any kind of extra work that may be needed. The price can vary in the case of a multiple-unit service contract.

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I have put together a few of the most frequently asked questions that our John Cippolone, Inc. customers have asked us over the years.

How often does a heat pump need to be cleaned?

At a minimum, a heat pump needs to be cleaned once a year. However, things like the heat pump air filter should be changed every 90 days. Your outdoor unit should always be kept clear of debris – including snow and coils should be regularly kept clean.

Are heat pumps hard to maintain?

Heat pumps are among the easiest and safest air comfort units to maintain. Many tasks can be part of your home maintenance routine. However, your licensed and qualified HVAC technician is best suited to perform certain tasks such as dealing with coolants and certain electrical work.

Can heat pumps last 20 years?

A well-maintained heat pump’s lifespan can definitely last 20 years. In order to get the most out of your system, we recommend purchasing a maintenance membership. Most membership plans will send out service reminders and offer priority scheduling in the event that a problem should crop up. Heat pump repair in Haverford, PA.

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