How Much Does A New Central Air Conditioner Cost?

How Much Does A New Central Air Conditioner Cost?

How Much Does A New Central Air Conditioner Cost?Air conditioning is a necessity just about everywhere! Not only does it provide relief from the summer heat, but it also helps us survive the humidity of our Mid-Atlantic summers. What was once considered a luxury is now considered a necessity. So, if you are thinking about a new air conditioner installation, one of the first concerns is the cost.

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Factors That Go Into The Cost

There are many factors that go into what a new AC should cost. For example, the size of the space that needs to be cooled will help to determine the type and size of the system that will work best for your needs. 

Small rooms needing secondary cooling might be best served with a mini split heat pump. Whole house central air conditioning – whether new construction or replacement – would benefit from a central air conditioning system. 

Whatever your need, it is important to understand the factors that go into the cost of cooling in 2023. 

Those factors include:

  • Size of the Air Conditioning system
  • Efficiency of the system
  • Brand of your new system

Size Of The Air Conditioning System

The Size Of Your AC Is A Factor In The CostWhen talking about the size of an air conditioning unit we are not talking about the space it takes up, but rather we are talking about the “power” or “output” of the system. The correct system for any home depends on a number of factors that affect the size of your chosen system. 

For example, older homes may require updated plumbing or electrical service to handle the more powerful systems. So it is important to have your home evaluated by a professional, reputable technician before making a major purchase. But in general, the size of a system is determined by calculating the relationship of your home’s size to the required BTUs.

And when it comes to AC units, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Central AC units measure their output in BTUs (British thermal units) and are available in 1.5- to 5-ton capacities.

To calculate the AC unit size that you need, multiply the square footage of your home by 18 (because it takes about 18 BTUs to cool 1 square foot). If you have high ceilings, multiply the number by 1.25. Then, divide that number by 12,000 to get the tonnage required.

For example, a 2,000-square-foot home would require 34,000 BTUs to cool it. Dividing 36,000 by 12,000 equals 3, so this home would require a 3-ton AC unit. The most common sizes are 3- and 4-ton AC units. A unit that is either too large or too small will fail to cool your house correctly, so it’s best to have a technician evaluate your home.

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Efficiency Of The System

When you consider the lifespan of your system, and how your energy efficiency impacts your energy bills, it makes the efficiency of your system that much more important. If you are considering an AC replacement to upgrade comfort, think about how much energy your new system is going to consume.

System efficiency is influenced by a number of factors and the size of the system is only one of those. The energy efficiency of the system itself is another major factor in the overall effectiveness of your system.

New energy efficiency standards were set for 2023 by the Department of Energy. These standards called SEER2 or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2, created a minimum efficiency requirement for heating and cooling equipment. Each new system available for purchase in 2023 has a minimum energy efficiency requirement of 14 SEER for residential systems. The higher the number, the more efficient the system.

But there is a bit of a trade off. The more efficient the system, the higher the price up front. The plus side of this is that efficient systems have cheaper operating costs, so you end up saving money over time. Plus there are some very nice federal tax incentives for purchasing the more efficient systems.

Brand Of Your New System 

Choosing the right brand system is important when assessing the cost of a new system. What Brand or Brands are you looking at? Not all systems are created equal. And not all service providers are equal as well.

It is important to do your homework and choose a provider with a reputation for honest, professional service who will recommend the right system for your needs.

Cost Of A Central AC In 2023

The true cost of installing central air conditioning can only be accurately evaluated by a licensed, reputable professional. There are many factors that go into the installation price beyond the actual cost of the system.

Factors that may influence the final cost and type of system right for you are:

  • The age of your home
  • The condition of the insulation
  • Is the ductwork sufficient and in good shape?
  • Is the home drafty with leaky windows and doors?
  • Do you require zone control to achieve a comfort level?

These factors can not only influence the efficiency of a new system, they can also impact the kind of system that is available for you to choose. A home evaluation by an expert technician can help you sort through the factors that are unique to your home to help you make the right choice.

Central AC

Replacing An AC With A Heat Pump In Newtown SquareAssuming that you have adequate ductwork in your home a central AC system offers you a total house solution. A central system involves installing an HVAC system in a mechanical room with a small amount of plumbing and electricity available to operate the equipment.

Using ductwork, a central air system pulls air from large areas of the house, filters the air, then cools it before blowing the cool air back into the house through the ductwork and vents.

Most air filters should be replaced every few months to ensure the system can flow clean air into the home without stirring up excess dust or allergens. The average cost of a central air system is $3,810 to $7,480.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great choice for new homes and homes that require a hybrid approach.

Heat pumps look like air conditioners, and actually function in a very similar way. During the colder months, they simply take the heat and energy from outside and pump it into the house.

This is done by transferring the heat, rather than burning oil or gas to create it, making this a cost and energy-efficient operation.

Heat pumps can also be used to cool during the summer. They just reverse their operation and pump the heat out of the house, as opposed to in.

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Ductless Mini Split

Ductless split systems use a condenser and compressor unit installed outdoors and an evaporator installed indoors. Sometimes this indoor evaporator is already used to heat the house. The more zones you want to cool, the more this system will cost.

Ductless systems are faster and easier to install since ductwork doesn’t have to be installed throughout the walls or attic. You can expect to pay between $2,000 and $14,500 for a ductless split system AC unit.

Window AC Units

Arguably the lowest-tech option, the window unit offers pinpoint cooling and can be set to the desired temperature and utilized when needed. The downside is that it interferes with light and takes up window space.

They also provide a somewhat uneven cooling experience and can be perceived as an eyesore and even a security risk. But the price is generally under $1000.00 and can provide a quick solution.

Why You Want An Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

A new energy-efficient air conditioner is built to provide you with 15 to 20 years of cool comfort. Plus, the newer models are so highly energy efficient, that it will save you money on operating costs.

For example: A 20-year-old air conditioning system might use 6 kWh of electricity to cool an average-sized house. A new modern system cooling that same house could use as little as 1.71 kWh of electricity. That reduction in energy consumption means savings on your monthly energy bills.

Central Air Conditioning Installation In Havertown, PA

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