Do Mini Splits Run All the Time?

Do Mini Splits Run All The Time? Havertown PAMini splits run nearly all the time. But, unlike forced-air systems, they don’t use nearly as much energy. That’s because ductless heating and cooling systems use low-power modes that maintain the temperature without clicking on and off all the time.

Here at John Cipollone, we sell a lot of ductless systems to homeowners in Havertown, PA, the Main Line, and across DelCo and Montgomery County. And, we answer a lot of questions about these setups.

One frequent concern we hear is whether the ductless system, or mini split, will run “all the time.” People are worried that their new setup will make their electric bill skyrocket because it never seems to turn off.

The good news is that mini splits use far less energy than conventional HVAC systems like furnaces, boilers, and even central air. But, at the same time, they rarely shut off completely.

But, since they operate very differently than those other systems, they actually end up using less energy as a result.

We’ll explain just how that happens in this article. And we’ll address some related questions we get a lot.How Will A Ductless Mini Split Look In My Home?

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Why Do Mini Splits Run All The Time?

Your mini-split runs all the time because the heat pump uses Inverter technology to run at various speeds. This way, it’s got more settings than just “On” or “Off.”

We’ll compare this to conventional HVAC to illustrate why this makes a huge difference.

Traditional Single-Speed Units

As we mentioned, most furnaces, boilers, and central air units can only turn on or off. So, they’re always correcting the temperature when it drifts too far from where you want it.

What is the Best Winter Thermostat Setting for Havertown, PA?Here’s how that works.

Let’s say you set the thermostat to 69 degrees in the winter. Once the temperature drops below that setting, the heater kicks on.

It stays on until the room where the thermostat is located is a few degrees warmer than 69. It has to overcompensate. Otherwise, it would get overworked.

When everything’s working properly, the system clicks on for a few minutes a couple of times every hour. That’s enough to course-correct when it gets too chilly. By going up a few extra degrees, it can go longer without having to come on again.

That’s important because it takes a lot of energy just to get the system up and running. Think of it the same way “city” miles use more gas in your can than “highway” miles.

Your car uses more gas to start from all those dead stops than it does when you’re cruising at a consistent pace.

Ductless Mini Splits Vs. Window Air Conditioners

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Inverter Technology Is More Energy-Efficient

Now, let’s compare that to how Inverter technology works. And why that technology, which is used in mini-splits, is more energy-efficient.

The big difference here is that Inverter technology allows your heat pump to work at variable speeds. All of a sudden, you don’t have just a full-blast setting or nothing at all.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Turning On and Off?

This way, there’s none of that course-correcting or overheating (or over-cooling, with your AC in the summer).

And, this is why ductless heating and cooling seems to run all the time while still using far less electricity than conventional HVAC.

Now, the heat pump doesn’t switch off once you reach the temperature you want. Instead, it continues running to keep that temperature steady.

But, just like cruise control on your car, consistency doesn’t require nearly as much energy as stopping and starting.

So, the mini split spends the bulk of its working time in low-power mode to maintain the setting you want.Save Energy And Money When You Zone Your Home Cooling System

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How Much Noise Does Ductless Heating And Cooling Make?

The air handlers and heat pump that your ductless heating and cooling system use are virtually whisper-quiet. On the one hand, they are almost always running. On the other hand, you barely notice them.

Decorative: Woman In Tranquil Outdoor Setting

We’ll make some comparisons to explain just how quiet they are.

At their loudest, the air handlers in your house produce up to 25 decibels of sound. That’s about the same people whispering of leaves rustling outside.

That’s lower than a conventional AC unit 100 feet away. Even quieter than people talking in a restaurant, and certainly quieter than a forced-air system in the same room as you.

So, while a mini split runs almost all the time, it not only uses less energy than other systems. It also makes less noise.Do Ductless Mini Splits Bring in Fresh Air to My Home?Click to Call or Email John Cipollone

Mini Split Installations In Havertown, PA

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