Oil To Gas Conversion And New AC In Bala Cynwyd, PA

Oil To Gas Conversion And New AC In Bala Cynwyd, PA

Oil To Gas Conversion And New AC In Bala Cynwyd, PAWe live in an area where there are lots of older homes. In some places around the Bala Cynwyd area, homes can even be over 100 years old. That was the case with this older home that we visited, which was right around 100 years old. The homeowner, Juan, had heating and cooling systems that were around 20 years old, and he knew they weren’t running efficiently anymore.

I have been working in this area for years, and know that these homes are all very unique. You can have 4 homes in a row that all operate and are laid out a little differently. It’s not uncommon at all, and it requires you to design heating and cooling systems that are unique to the home.

Problem: The homeowner had old and inefficient heating and cooling systems that were 20 years old. They each broke down several times, and it wasn’t worth sinking more money into them.

Solution: We installed a new Bosch gas heating system, and a new Carrier/Bryant Cooling system. We also adjusted the upstairs air intake to make sure the hot air that rose in the home was able to be pulled into the HVAC system and expelled outside.

What Was The Problem With Their Heating And Cooling?

In this home, there was a laundry list of issues with the HVAC system. For starters, the outside condensers were in the neighbor’s yard. You read that correctly. 

When the old homeowners installed the HVAC system 20 years ago, they accidentally had the condensers placed in the neighbor’s yard. Luckily for them, the neighbor was ok with it, and even now the neighbor was still fine with the situation, but Juan knew he wanted his systems in his yard. It was the right thing to do, and also helped in the setup of the new system. 

Upstairs Is Too Hot

The Air Return Vent Is In A Better Spot NowAnother problem was that the upstairs was always too hot. The return vent was placed by the steps on the way up to the third floor. This catches some of that hot air, but it also leaves plenty of space for the hot air to escape to over it, and keep the air upstairs too warm. 

We instead adjusted the placement of this return vent to high up on the third floor on a wall in the hallway. This will take the hot air, pump it through the return ducts to the outside. 

All of the other contractors that Juan had spoken with were satisfied to just install a new cooling system, claiming that would take care of the heat. This simply wasn’t true. If that return vent was placed in the wrong space, even a brand new cooling system would struggle to treat that third floor. The experts at John Cipollone Inc. explained why that vent needed to be adjusted, and Juan was happy to hear of a solution that was thought out. 

The Oil Prices Were High

The old heating system used oil as fuel. We are familiar with Oil heating systems, and know they are a reliable source of heating. Still, some homeowners prefer using electric or gas to heat. Juan decided to install a Bosch heating system that used natural gas as an energy source. 

He felt that the price of gas was a bit more stable, and he was sick of the big oil tank that lived in the basement. Now with the natural gas system, they have saved money without having to purchase oil, and also opened some space up in the basement by removing the old oil tank. 

The Old Heater Was Loud

The old heater that lived in the basement was LOUD. Juan told us that they could hear it all the way up on the third floor when it started running. This wasn’t the main reason they wanted to replace the system, but it certainly was one of the added benefits of a new heating system. Not only is the new heating system running more energy efficiently, but it’s also much quieter than the old one. 

Installing A New Bosch Heating System And Carrier/Bryant Air Conditioning

The homeowner decided to go with a brand new Bosch gas heating system, and a Carrier/Bryant air conditioning system. Now they would no longer use oil to heat, just gas. This is helpful for the environment, as well as the energy bills. 

Along with installing a new air conditioning system, we adjusted the ductwork to make sure the top floor wouldn’t get so hot and uncomfortable in the Summer. We removed the old condensers out of the neighbor’s yard, and placed the new ones on the backside of their house. 

Using 2 Air Conditioning Systems

The New System Fits Much Better In Their BasementBecause of the way this home was designed, we installed 2 new AC systems. One Carrier, and one Bryant system. This would allow them to treat the different floors independently. This does a few things for the home. For one, it allows you to customize the temperature to the space. The people upstairs may want it a little cooler than those hanging in the living room. Not only is this better customizable comfort, but it also allows you to save money and energy by not cooling unused spaces. 

It also allows you to extend the lifespan of the AC systems. Instead of one system that may not treat the whole space, and have to overwork itself, these 2 systems can run a bit easier, extending the lifespan and lowering the energy consumption. 

Installing A New HVAC System In Bala Cynwyd, PA

Now our homeowner Juan has heating and cooling systems that work in every space in the house, and they have thor HVAC equipment on their own property…finally. The energy bills have dropped and the comfort has improved, and they couldn’t be happier. 

If you are looking for some help with your heating and cooling in Havertown, Bala Cynwyd, or any of the surrounding towns in PA, give us a call at (610) 446-7877, or contact us online!

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