Working At John Cipollone Inc.

Working At John Cipollone Inc.In August 1953, John Cipollone Sr. founded a local oil heating and fuel oil business in Havertown, Pennsylvania. Since then we have been a family owned and run HVAC business that is not only proud of the work that we do, but also proud of the working environment we provide.

We want to take a moment to detail a few of the key factors that make John Cipollone Inc. a fantastic company to work for.

We Care About The Individual

This is the most important factor that influences the culture at John Cipollone Inc. We really care about our employees. Many companies are focused on what the employee can bring to the company. We like to see this as a 2-way street. We want to see what the company can bring to our employees as well. Working for any company should be a mutually beneficial relationship. An employee should bring skills and work ethic that will improve the company, while the company provides the tools and environment necessary to help the employee achieve their goals and improve their lives. There are a few ways we try to make sure that our employees benefit from working with us, outside of simply getting a paycheck.

Careers At John Cipollone Inc. 

  1. We care about employee goals – Many companies just want to know how much money an employee wants. We like to take it a step further and see what goals our employees have. This could be a number of things. Obviously, the money that an employee is paid is going to help then achieve some of these goals, but attaching dollar signs to achievement doesn’t always make for a happy individual. For example, if the goal of an employee is to buy a house, we want to put them in a position to make that happen. If the goal of an employee is to pass a certain test to receive a new certification we want to help them achieve this goal.
    It’s too often that money is the only focus of an employee-employer relationship, and we want to make sure our employees are achieving their LIFE goals, not just financial goals.
  2. Improving employee skillset – Going back to our 2-way street style of thinking, we want to not only hire great people, but we want to help them become even greater. We want to empower our employees to become more knowledgeable and skilled individuals. We do this through training, as well as sending our employees to different classes that are offered in our field. We know that constant improvement not only helps our company, but also helps the employee. If something isn’t known, we don’t want to punish our employees for not knowing it, but instead teach them so that they have confidence and skills to continue improving themselves.
  3. Balancing work and life – This is something we strive for. We are a family owned and run business, and we know the importance of having a good balance between work and home. If an employee is overworked, it’s going to hurt their quality of life, as well as the work they are doing. We make sure that our employees don’t have to constantly work late or crazy off the wall hours. It’s VERY rare that our employees are working after the normal 5 PM quitting time. Maybe once a month if that.
  4. Career path – Along with the constant improvement we encourage and foster, we also want our employees to have a career path. Not everyone wants to do the exact same job or make the exact same amount of money their entire working lives. This is why we give employees opportunities to grow within the company, and seek the career that will fit them best and make them the happiest. This could mean career advancement into sales, management, and any other opportunity we may have. We are a growing company with plans to really expand ourselves in the coming years. This will lead to a lot of opportunity for career growth, and we want our employees to know there are no limits to what they can achieve with us.
  5. Time off and vacation – We know how important it is to balance your work with your personal life, as we mentioned before. This is why we give paid vacation time, as well as personal days to employees. In an industry like this, not everyone gives paid vacations, but we want to make sure that everyone can take some time to get away from the job, and not have to worry about losing a paycheck. We also like to honor personal days off. You shouldn’t have to fake call in sick to a job if you want to take a day and do something for yourself. With reasonable notice, we can honor personal days to make sure no one is missing important things in their lives.
  6. Benefits and 401K – We offer health insurance, which we partially underwrite, and also 401K. Insurance is so important today, and we want to make sure our employees don’t have to worry about a doctor’s appointment or visiting the dentist. We also offer a 401K profit sharing plan to interested employees. You may be young or old, but eventually, everyone is going to want to retire. We want to help put our employees on a path to an easy retirement.
  7. Don’t work in dangerous areas – We make sure our employees feel safe. We never send anyone into a questionable area, and we want our employees to always feel safe and secure while on the job.

Careers At John Cipollone Inc. 
The message we really want to drive home is that we CARE about our employees. We want to not only provide a great work environment, but a great lifestyle that will give our employees the best quality of life possible. It’s not just about who does the job and how much they are paid. It’s about taking pride in doing the best work possible to achieve the things that will give you the best life.

We are always looking for candidates to come work at John Cipollone Inc., and if the things you read in this article sound appealing to you, fill out an application and maybe you will be the newest part of the Cipollone team!

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