Prices For Air Conditioners Are Rising In 2021

The Rising Prices Of Raw Materials

One of the effects of the world reopening at such a rapid speed is the shortage of raw materials. This summer, air conditioners are one of the essential products that are becoming more expensive, and harder to find.

As a result of so many businesses being shut down for so long,  lots of production of raw materials was stopped or slowed in 2020. Now that most of the world is trying to get back to normal, it comes along with a sharp spike in demand for these raw materials. 

Copper, aluminum, steel, and lumber are just a few of the key materials that businesses are struggling to acquire, and even when they can, the prices are higher than normal due to the demand. 

How The Rising Cost Of Raw Materials Effects AC Systems

We say all this to let you know that we are seeing the effects of this shortage. Air conditioners are in very high demand around the world, especially at the beginning of the hot season we're about to go through. 

According to the Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration News, air conditioning systems are costing about 3-9% more.  The result of their cost going up means about a 15% increase in prices for consumers. This can turn into significant amount of money when it comes to a big decision like a new AC system.  

Because of the boom in new construction after a year off, these are the products that not only homes need, but commercial spaces who are now reopening their businesses. Lots of businesses made improvements to their indoor air quality situation, which includes air conditioning and ventilation. 

What Does This Mean For You?

Luckily for everyone in the Havertown, PA and surrounding areas, we are not in as dire of a position as some other areas of the country, and even the world. We have seen some increases in the price of AC systems, but we are not struggling as much to acquire and install them as other places are.  We have traditional central air systems, as well as ductless electric mini splits, depending on what your home cooling situation calls for. 

We would make these recommendations, similar to those in the video: 

  1. If you think you need a new AC system for this summer, do not wait any longer.  Prices could go up even further, or systems could start to grow scarce. If you don't have the money to pay for the system in full, we have great financing options available to make sure you get the RIGHT system for your home.  It's important to us that the people in our community are cool and safe in the summer heat.
  2. If you haven't had your AC on yet (which is very unlikely with how hot it has been), turn it on now. If there is a problem we can help you fix it before the dog days of the summer, and if it needs to be replaced, better sooner than later. 

What If You Only Have A Room Or Two That Need Cooling?

Not every AC has to be replaced if it's not getting the job done. Just like the video above mentioned, ductless mini splits are a great way to cool spaces around your home, without sucking up energy. 

What lots of people do when they have rooms that never get cool enough, is try to crank the AC to compensate. They may end up cooling the room, but it freezes out the rest of the house, and also ends up skyrocketing your energy bills. 

Ductless mini splits run efficiently, using minimal energy, while allowing you to keep your traditional AC running at a reasonable level. This will make your home more comfortable, and save you in energy  bills! 

What Should You Do Now?

Now that you know all this information, what are your next steps? This all depends on your current situation. 

If you have a broken AC take care of it now:

If your AC isn't working, get it taken care of immediately. Going through the Summer with no AC is not the solution, and the quicker you get to it, the better off you are. Once again, we have great financing options that can set you up with an easy monthly payment for a new AC system, in case the cost is what is holding you back. 

If you want to replace your system:

If you have been planning on replacing your AC system, the sooner the better, as we mentioned above. Installing energy efficient AC can help you keep energy costs down while improving the comfort in your home. We have systems in stock and can help you make the improvements to your home that you are looking for. 

If your system hasn't been serviced: 

We recommend once a year seasonal service for all HVAC equipment, heating and air conditioning systems. This helps maintain efficiency, avoid breakdowns, and improve your home comfort! Just like having the oil changed in your car,  regular AC service helps your air conditioning run efficiently for years. 

If you haven't had your AC service yet, click here or call us at (610) 446-7877.

If your system hasn't been turned on:

Turn it on as soon as possible. Make sure that the air is cool, and the system is running properly.  If there's a problem with your system it's better to know now than in the middle of the summer when the heat is non stop.  This way we can get in there ASAP and fix the situation.

If there are no issues, you still may want to schedule your seasonal maintenance if you haven't done so, but other than that, you should be good to go! 

If your AC is running properly and you've had service done this season: 

You are ready for the heat! Stay cool and enjoy the Summer! 

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