What Does A Furnace Tune-Up Cost In Havertown, PA? [2023]

What Does A Furnace Tune-Up Cost In Havertown, PA? [2023]

What Does A Furnace Tune-Up Cost In Havertown, PA? [2023]The best way to get the most out of your furnace is by making sure it has regular maintenance at least once a year. The cost of a furnace tune-up is well worth it when you consider how beneficial it is. Your furnace should last 10-20 years, and has a major impact on your home comfort and energy bills.

At John Cipollone, Inc, – we have been providing heating and cooling service since 1953. Our expertise spans a 70-year continuum of furnace makes and models, so I guess you can say we’ve seen it all. I have put together this brief guideline to help you get an idea of what is involved and the potential costs of your tune-up.

Average Furnace Tune Cost In Havertown, PA

The average furnace tune-up cost is going to vary somewhat based on these factors:

  1. Labor costs
  2. Type of Fuel
  3. The Time Needed and Scope of Your Inspection
  4. Replacement Parts
  5. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

Breaking Down Yearly Furnace Maintenance Costs

Your Cipollone technician is a highly trained member of our team with expertise in virtually any kind of furnace system that we see in our area.

As many of our homes here in Havertown are older, we have to have an expansive knowledge of older heating systems. No matter what the system, we know how to service it, and make sure it runs efficiently for as long as possible.

Labor Costs

Labor costs generally run between $75 and $125 per hour. You can expect a tune-up to take 1 to 2 hours to complete.

In our business, technician training is everything! Your technician should be able to accurately provide you with an estimate for any additional repairs or service at the time of your tune-up. Getting ahead of any potential problems is one of the main reasons you should have your furnace serviced.

Type of Fuel

There are three different fuels used to run a furnace. The combustible fuels of gas and oil require different servicing than electric-powered furnaces. The rule of thumb is that electric furnaces are cheaper to maintain but are generally more expensive to operate than gas or oil furnaces.

Time and Scope of Inspection

Much of the time of a service call is spent on inspection and cleaning of all of the working parts of your furnace.

The scope of each service call is dependent on the type of furnace that is to be serviced. Your technician will have a checklist for inspection that will vary somewhat depending on whether your furnace is gas, oil, or electrically powered.

Replacing the Filter

Air Filters Being Clogged Can Be A Big Problem For Your SystemA regular part of any service call is a check and replacing your furnace filter. Regular changing of your furnace filter – every 90 days or so – will help extend the life of your system and help ward off any potential problems.

Possible Impacts on the Cost of Furnace Service

Any time one of your mechanical systems requires a service call or maintenance call, there is always the possibility of needing additional repair work or service. The likelihood of this happening increases as your system ages.

Additional Heater Repair Work

As your heating system ages, the likelihood of needing furnace repairs increases. The most likely repairs are those parts of your furnace that have “moving parts” such as the blower motor or various electrical components that are susceptible to wear.

It is not uncommon for the heat exchanger to need replacement. Heat exchangers are made of metal. As they go through continuous expansion with heat and contraction as it cools, the exchanger is susceptible to metal fatigue and can crack.

Warranty Coverage and Maintenance Plans

If your furnace is in need of a major repair, check to see what your warranty coverage is. For most brands, the base parts limited warranty is five years. Some can be up to 10 years. Parts limited warranties for heat exchangers may extend for life with warranty registration, or be limited to a shorter period.

Warranty coverage may depend on your system having regular maintenance. A maintenance contract can help you to get the maximum out of your warranty coverage. This is another thing to factor into your furnace service cost: it may cost money, but it keeps your warranty valid.

Typical Furnace Tune Up Costs By Fuel Type

As I said previously, a tune up will vary by fuel type and of course the need for additional repairs, but generally speaking, this is how the costs line up:

Gas Furnace Tune Up Cost

A gas furnace tune up can vary in scope depending on what is needed but generally speaking the tune up cost can run anywhere from $80 to $170.

Oil Heater Tune Up Cost

Your oil heater tune up is a little more involved than a gas furnace. So the tune up cost can run anywhere from $100 to $200 .

Boiler Tune Up Cost

A basic boiler inspection is roughly $100 to $300, and a boiler tune-up cost is about $400 to $500. You may incur additional repair costs depending on what’s going on with the boiler.

Electric Heater Tune Up Cost

An electric heater tune up costs about $70 to $130. It is important to remember that while an electric heater may be less expensive to maintain, energy costs may run higher than gas or oil.

Furnace Tune-Up Process

The furnace tune up process requires a complete inspection of the furnace to make certain that all component parts are working properly. Each component part is thoroughly cleaned and the duct system and dampers are inspected to make sure that they are functioning properly.

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4 Ways to Reduce Annual Furnace Maintenance Costs

Proper annual maintenance will make sure that your furnace is not only running properly but can save you money during the course of the heating season. Here are some money-saving tips to help keep your energy bills low and your furnace at peak performance!

Step 1: Make sure your thermostat is functioning properly.
Step 2: Replace filter regularly and keep the filter system clean.
Step 3: Vacuum out the blower assembly, gas burners, vents, and fan.
Step 4: Inspect and clean ducts to prevent clogs and leaks.


I have put together a few answers to the most frequently asked questions that we hear at John Cipollone, Inc.

Is a furnace tune up worth it?

Yes! At an average heating tune up cost of $155, it is well worth the cost of having your furnace serviced by a professional. It’s going to help you reduce energy bills, and get the most years out of your furnace.

How long does it take to tune up a furnace?

A tune-up can take an hour to as long as 3 hours. Time estimates will vary depending on the type of system and the age of your system.

How often does an HVAC system need a tune-up?

An HVAC system needs to be on a regular maintenance schedule. A furnace – no matter what the type – needs a yearly tune-up to operate at maximum efficiency. Some people prefer to have 2, one before the season and one after the season.

Call John Cipollone, Inc. at (610) 446-7877 to speak with your trusted maintenance and furnace repair in Havertown, OA.

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